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Getting Started

  1. Install Keshmesh.
  2. Import the example Eclipse Java projects into your workspace. The example projects are already set up to be analyzed by Keshmesh. The example projects come with annotations.jar in their classpaths and their main methods are annotated by @EntryPoint. We call a method annotated by @EntryPoint an entry method. To analyze a Java project with Keshmesh, add annotations.jar to the classpath of the project and annotate one or more methods by @EntryPoint. Keshmesh analyzes the methods reachable from the entry methods. The entry methods let you control what part of the program is going to be analyzed. If a very large number of methods are reachable from the entry methods, Keshmesh will become slower.
  3. Right-click on a project and run FindBugs. FindBugs will run its own detectors and those of Keshmesh and report all the bug patterns that these detectors find.
  4. Keshmesh provides Quick Fixes for some instances of the bug patterns. If Keshmesh provides a quick fix for a bug pattern, you can try it to remove the bug pattern.