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Keshmesh 1.0.0 has been released.

We are happy to announce the first release of Keshmesh (1.0.0). The Keshmesh Eclipse update site is at Please follow the instructions to use Keshmesh and give us your feedback. If you are familiar with FindBugs, you can think of Keshmesh as a plug-in that adds the following detectors and fixers to FindBugs:

  1. LCK01-J. Do not synchronize on objects that may be reused (detector)
  2. LCK02-J. Do not synchronize on the class object returned by getClass() (detector and fixer)
  3. LCK03-J. Do not synchronize on the intrinsic locks of high-level concurrency objects (detector and fixer)
  4. LCK06-J. Do not use an instance lock to protect shared static data (detector)
  5. VNA00-J. Ensure visibility when accessing shared primitive variables (detector)

See the change log for more details about what this release includes.